Top Benefits Of Cycling

Date Posted:26 March 2018 

When we discuss the many health benefits of cycling, many would highlight the physical advantages to riding a bike. While the physical health benefits of biking are certainly noteworthy, it is important to recognise that it is also good for the brain.


Taking up cycling could be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Here are a number of reasons why you should hop on that bike today.


Physical Health Benefits:

1.     Cycling build muscles. One would think that cycling only helps in losing weight because it helps burn fat: but it also builds muscle – particularly the leg muscles. Cycling improves general muscle function, regular cycling strengthens leg muscles (glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves) but it also works other muscles too. A person uses their abdominal muscles to balance and stay upright, their arm and shoulder muscles to hold the handlebars and steer. And compared to running, biking is much easier on the legs, ankles, knees and feet since it engages the leg muscles without as much force coming down on the knees.

2.       Strengthens your immune system. Forget apples, regular cycling can keep the doctor at bay. Moderate exercise has a huge benefit on the health of the upper respiratory system – thus reducing instances of the catching a cold. Also, research has shown that cycling can lower the risk of developing diabetes and protect against some cancers.


Mental Health Benefits:

1.       Cycling improves mental well-being. Mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression can be reduced by regular exercise or cycling. Bike riding is a form of exercise and it is worth considering that bikers have reported lower stress levels than people using cars or mass transit. During exercise or cycling, cortisol or the stress hormone is reduced and BDNF or Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor is released. BDNF helps in protecting our brain from stress and it helps in improving memory too.

2.       Biking makes you feel happy. Cycling is one of the best exercises known to release happy hormone. It was found that just 10 minutes of cycling is enough to make a person feel a little happier. Research has shown that exercise helps ease stress and boost your mood due to the release of serotonin and endorphins. Endorphins triggers a positive feeling and can act as a sedative and aid in diminishing the pain perception.


Environment and Economy Benefits:

1.       Save the Planet. Bike riding benefits the environment in significant ways. Cars and other motorized vehicles consumes millions of barrels of oil each day. Biking produces zero pollution and uses no fuel. Bikes are efficient too – travel around three times as fast as walking for the same amount of energy.

2.    Save a ton of money. Transport (15.5%) is second only to food (18.2%) as the largest item of household expenditure in Australia. Biking offers massive economic benefits in the money saved by choosing to bike instead of drive. Cycling 10 km each way to work each day will save about A$1700 per year in transport. Save money on gas and also you can forget about parking and its fees.


Start a healthy new hobby today! There are plenty of bike and bike products in the market to choose from. Purchase a bike from a trusted bicycle retailer or if you enjoy building, you may purchase separate parts and bicycle accessories and you can build your own bike. Get involved with biking now and start reaping the many benefits of cycling.




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