Cycling In Australia: Scenic Routes For Cyclists

Scenic routes in Australia include a range of paths and areas perfect for biking, whether it’s paved roads or rugged mountain biking paths. We’ve collected a few of the best.

The Victorian Alps Cycle Trail - Victoria

A bicycling trail that is 426 kilometers long, this long and arduous trail goes over the highest continuous stretch of road in Australia. The views are incredible as you look over the mountains, but it’s not for the lighthearted cyclist. You will climb over 6 kilometers as you undertake this trail, which makes it only for the strong. There is a slightly easier (less steep) route up Mt Hotham, which from Albury means that you have a shallower approach. There are hotels and lodging available along the entire way. Many cyclists prefer to camp...just make sure the weather permits it! The Victorian Alps Cycle Trail takes anywhere from a week to a week and a half to complete.

Tasmanian Trail, Tasmania

The Tasmanian Trail is a 480 kilometer long experience of the rural beauty of Tasmania. Most of the trail is placed in public land (national parks and forests) with lodging and food available along the way. Accommodation is plentiful especially in the private areas. The long trail is split into 16 sections, and the trail can be completed in a little over a week.

The Capital City Trail, Victoria

The Capital City Trail is a cycling trail winding its way through Melbourne, without the hassle of cars and traffic. This circular trail means that riders can begin and end their ride at any point on the circuit. See the Melbourne Zoo, the Royal Botanical Gardens, and many parks and sights of nature. It’s only 30 kilometers long, making it perfect for any sort of bike, and easily completed in a day or less.

Munda Biddi Trail, Western Australia

The Munda Biddi is a one thousand kilometer long path and is the world’s longest continuous offroad bike path...and you’ll hardly see a road! It goes all the way from just outside Perth to Albany, in the state of Western Australia. It’s not so much a grueling technical challenge as it is a feat of endurance. It traces the bushwalking track of Bibbulmun, and this long path goes through hundreds of miles of the bush, taking you through all sorts of off-the-beaten-path destinations. The entire trail takes from 3 weeks to a month to complete entirely, but since it’s easily broken down into sections, there are camping ground and towns all along the way. It was specifically designed so that these stopping points are no longer than 50 kilometers apart. Munda Biddi means “path in the forest” in the Aboriginal language.

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, spanning from Torquay to Allansford, is a 243 km path with amazing views of the ocean, forest, the London Arch, and the Twelve Apostles, the famous limestone stacks just off the coast. It was built by returning soldiers from World War 1, during the years of 1919 and 1932, and is thus the world’s largest war memorial. Marathons and rides are completed often on the road.

Mount Buller

The Australian Alpine Epic is one of the world’s most epic mountain bike rides, a forty kilometer cross-country track that winds through the Mt Buller area, going through valleys, down hills, through cattle containment gates, all with an imposing view. Over the course of the ride, you ascend over 1.2 km and descend over two kilometers. It’s definitely a trail for the avid mountain biker.

The East Coast of Tasmania

The entire east coast of Tasmania is a beautiful ride, alternating between beach and hills. The rural qualities and amazing scenery make this a favorite for many riders looking to get off the beaten path. It can take up to a week to cover the entire east coast.

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